February 2021

What a month it was. Humbros confidentely finds it's way into the world. A bit hesitating at first but steaming ahead now. All other titles are now running low.  Maybe also good to know for US-fans is the distribution over there is in hands by The Business.  Saves you a lot of postage if ordering single items i guess.

Knotwilg leest, twee lijnen was a joy.  DJ Chindiaper burned down my livingroom with lasers, smoke and hard hitting beats. Luckily there was some proza as well brought by Gangalai.  The event is still online (see link in January 2021 section). Thanks to Maarten, Christophe, Beatrijs, Emily and Clement to make this completely DIY event a memorable day.  What a shame we couldn't just open the doors and windows wide open!!!

Currently setting up another online-live event with electronica artists Sagat and Weird Dust.  We will act as if there is no Covid and besides those 2 live shows will do dj-sets, interviews and the official announcement of KW17 with some special video.  Everything will be streamed directly from Les Atelier Claus.  Sadly enough without an audience.  The whole thing is called "Dreigend Stof".  Set your alarm on February 26.  Direct link here: https://fb.me/e/hLIFME0Yh

The website got overwhelmed for that Monokultur LP.  Makes you think what an audio-grenade it would have been at last year's Knotwilg Festival.  Damned Covid... Really.  Currently been repressed (alongside the Loopsel LP and another Monokultur offshoot) and pre-ordered enough to make sure everyone has missed out can have another go on it (or for US-punters: Ever/Never).  But don't neglect all these other beautiful releases.  Some real treasures to be found. 
Worldwide musicians and labels continue to make efforts to keep the music flowing.  Without concerts it is obviously a risky undertaking but it is worthwhile to set up a base once we are all "liberated" from these hostage alike times.  Not only because of this virus, but also regarding borders which seems to close down even postage-wise.  There is off course Brexit which frighten off buyers/sellers from the UK but now it seems like lots of labels from outside Europe are reluctant because of for instance postal prices, import taxes etc...  If you wanna remain local/domestic for that reason: fine by me, but there's more then enough of cocooning in the world/countries/cities/villages/streets as it is.  If an item ends up for sale over here, it still will be cheaper then when a fan needs to order it directly.  Make some effort, ok?  Trades for instance, even partly, are still a very handy tool to get prices down.  Is this a shout-out to labels?  Off course it is: i am always interested in challenging music. 

January 2021

Changed the sales page into Loners & Sales.  Not only a page with sale-items but also for "loners" meaning for instance i only carry a singular item of a label or an artist. 
Incoming:  Ikuisuus label (Sandoz Lab Technicians I Noel Meek I Bruce Russell I A Handful Of Dust etc...).  Keep an eye open for these.

We now have a Youtube channel as well.  Not really active yet but will be used for upcoming online events. 
Knotwilg leest, twee lijnen will be streamed here: https://fb.me/e/yRDkQa2A
Take your brandnew 2021 agenda you got for Christmas and mark the following dates:

January 31, straight from KW HQ:  Knotwilg leest, twee lijnen.  Featuring Christophe Piette (poetry, proza rumblings and éclairs) + Scanty Canteen Music (live-installation + dj set)

February 26, straight from Les Ateliers Claus:  Knotwilg presents: Dreigend Stof.  Featuring live-sets from Sagat and Weird Dust

KW17 will be announced very soon as well.