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Kneautwilg Radio

After more then a dozen Kneautwilg editions on Studio Néau in Eupen we felt it is time to move the radioshow to Meetkerke. We still will broadcast live on Neau but now directly from our office which will be transformed to a cozy little recordstore every second saturday of the month. Store will open between 16h -20h. (radioshow is between 17h and 19h) so you all have plenty of time to do your saturday-shopping and ending up here.

A private listening post for vinyl and cassettes is installed so you can have a listen while tasting some cool drinks. And maybe some instores might be possible as well, or close to the store.

Send an email for adress.

First dates for both the store and radio.

Septembre 9

Octobre 14

check for sure. All previous Kneautwilg sessions are online as well on their soundcloud page.


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