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Another blog, hey? Besides trying to expand the website with more classic titles from around the globe, Knotwilg is still a label.

You know we love vinyl and cassettes. But unfortunatelly pressing vinyl has become a work of patience. Currently pressing plants demand approx. 5 to 6 months (!!!) to deliver a product. No thanks to Record Store Day, Aldi and other completely ridiculous marketing schemes planting their foot against small independent labels. Who the fuck wants another Nirvana, Stones or Claude Francois repress?

Being said, KW21 which is an lp is postponed to early 2022. So let's skip this one for now. But very happy to announce there will be (at least) another three releases coming up before Christmas. KW22 and KW23 on good old reliable cassette. And a very special threat for KW24 which will be a vinyl-postcard. All come in digital format as well.

Everything will be revealed at the appropriate time. Meanwhile why not have a browse for new titles in stock. Plenty of goodies to be found. Enjoy!!!

Knotwilg Division


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