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Knotwilg Festival May 7, 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Full program: in alphabetically order


Aymeric De Tapol (B)

By now almost a veteran of electronic excursions into all directions with influences of Papa New Guinea polyrhythmes and Andorian percussion, French chanson, dub, minimalism, and electro-acoustic works. Quite a mouthful which resulted in an album displaying all these influences into one lp which was released on Knotwilg in summer 2021. A musical journey into styles yet to emerge, or vanish.

Recommended listening:

Lost In The Shell LP (Knotwilg)

CIA Debutante (FR)

An Australian-French duo constructing for some years now an impressive discography on infamous labels such as Siltbreeze and Ever/Never. An industrial wasteland assembled with chunks of the best of the eighties (Cabaret Voltaire; Voice Of America area), nineties ( Shadow Ring) into a cathedral which can only be mounted in 2022 as their very own distinctive sound.

Recommended listening:

CIA Debutante: Music For Small Rooms (Ever/Never)

Deux Boules Vanille (FR)

A project closely related to Danse Musique Rhones Des Alpes yet as a double feature firing away plenty of energy, humor and sweat.. A current highlight of tasty French electronics driven by live percussion (see also Raymonde, Humbros, etc...). There's always room for dessert.

Recommended listening:

Planète Gougou (Kythibong)

Frankreich (FR)

Straight forward sludgemetal noiserock as we love it. Dirty, filthy, hard hitting riffs pinpointed in exactly the right force at the right time. No nonsense approach in a style often drowned into unnecessary symbolism or overacting. A fist in your belly like marrowbones hitting your stomach, gulping wide open smiles of joy and transition in your brain in the aftermath.

Recommended listening:

Frankreich: s/t LP (Desastre, Standard In Fi, Tamed Rec.)

In C - Terry Riley by Senelas, Soia, Vassereau (FR)

Julien Sénélas, Jérôme Vassereau and Soia present a new version of In C, Terry Riley's seminal work : a musical interpretation with two modular synthesizers (11 oscillators) and a graphic interpretation of the original score (53 shapes). Composed in 1964 by Terry Riley, In C is considered as the founding work of the minimalist movement. Like the 11 acoustic instruments that can be heard on the most famous version recorded in 1968, 11 oscillators from two modular synthesizers are used here.

Recommended listening:

In C: Lp (un je ne sais quoi records)

Leda (SW)

One of the finest exponents and contributors of the flourishing Gothenburg underground scene is Leda. Not only as a member of Enhet For Fri Musik, Neutral but also with her solo work which oftens echoes through in the outings of those flagships. A distinctive 'kling' crossing swords with an even more distinctive 'klang' resulting in a humming singalong modus.

Recommended listening

Leda: Covid Music Made By My Guitar, cassette (Knotwilg)

Nein Rodere (GER)

Nein Rodere is the monniker for Berlin-based musician and visual artist David Roeder. His 2022 lp on Horn Of Plenty is a compilation of bedroompop, 4 track recordings, cut-up found sounds and whisperings vocals. An intimate blanket covering your mindset while tasting your first beer of the day. Referencepoints might be People Skills covering early Smog while Peter Jefferies is trying out some Durutti Column melodies. Recommended listening:

Catch Up Wit That Fire LP (Horn Of Plenty)

Phantom Horse (GER)

For a couple of years now Phantom Horse are assembling wide open modular synth melodies into musical patterns electronica artists hardly ever reach. Rich in tradition accumulating Krautrock electronics and Berlin School patterns it sounds very 2022. A sound which shivers heavenly through in some of the members' other projects such as U. Schütte, Aosuke, Alien Radio, Shapes etc... They hardly ever play live so don't miss out.

Recommended listening:

U. Schütte: Unkugel 7" (Knotwilg) Phantom Horse: Mehr Null LP (Umor Rex)

Toresch (GER)

No symbiosis can be more accurate than this collaboration between Tolouse Low Trax and Decha as Toresch. It's like listening to Liaisons Dangereuses while watching a Berlin cabaret in 1932 clubbing towards the end of the 21st century.

Recommended listening:

Toresch: Essen Für Alle lp (Offen Musik)

Vincent Dallas (B)

An interceptor of your worst nightmares destroying your treasured memory of a love that never was actually yours.

Recommended listening:

Manische Hyperaktiviteit Cassette (Satatuhatta)

+ maybe one more surprise


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