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Omit Collection

Up for offer: this collection of Omit tapes. All originals, some even with original extra artwork. No need to say i would like decent offers on these. Only as collection, so no offers on singular items please. Priceless i would say. List is below the pics. All on Deepskin Conceptual Music besides where noted. 15 cassettes, 13 titles.

Quad: double cassette + extra xeroxed artwork

Ionospheres: double cassette + extra xeroxed artwork

Alienation: with outer plastic artwork

Alienation: standard artwork

Overcast: still with outer artwork (roped) and extra xeroxed artwork. Outer artwork bit dusty:)






Recycled: on RRE

Negative Pulse: on End of Alphabet

Untitled: came with (included) fan zine Aegri Somnia Vana Number One in winter 1996/97 which also included an interview with Clinton besides Shadow Ring, Alastair Galbraith. Pretty rare. I think the tracks are the same as the lathe cut Aegri released back then but not sure about this.

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