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Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Not much point in making 'best of' lists because at Knotwilg we aim to offer only what we 'die hard' like throughout the year. Obviously, there were some highlights. Be it releases, or live-events. One of our personal highlights was the Knotwilg Festival early May. Another highlight shortly after was flying north and see Treasury Of Puppies/Troth performing in Gothenburg. Those rare moments we don’t grmbl like Statler & Waldorf. Goosebumps all over. Fast forward to late summer. The Knotwilg label night at Arkaoda in Berlin also was a highlight. And throughout this past year, our monthly Kneautwilg sessions in Eupen became a monthly day out to look forward to. Meakusma Festival shined brightly lonely at the independent top in Septembre while Qatar managed to organize the World Cup Football, in dark Novembre for god's sake. Brussels lost some certainties for quality music-spots and their LEZ zone is on the attraction list alongside Gent and Antwerp excluding those who do not wish or can bend towards their utopian demands.
The Knotwilg release schedule was, indeed, a bit low. However, a decent champagne is always better then a top rated Cava/Prosecco. Delays in production/mastering lines and higher production prices are among the reasons. Another reason is the financial inflation which is scaring/touching us all. This combined with an exagerated shitload of releases coming out literally almost every week, it did make us think about the future and a little bit about the past. There is no way a punter with an average wage can buy all these goodies that come out. Lots of labels saw bigger sales during that fluedemic in 2020-2021. But those days are over. We are all spoiled for choice, niche-distribution became wider. In those cases everyone is hurting: artists, labels, fans. Time to re-think.
Looking back over our shoulders last year, a lot is happening. Energy devouring maffia, the invasion of Ukrainian SUV's in Europe, Mercedes high sales in Russia, the US military-industrial complex desperately wanting to ignite another war though not in their back yard, stricter custom rules on import, extreme woke fascism reigning media contrary to general perception, destroying lives and indoctrinating generations of youth, algorhythms controlling social behaviour... Doesn't look all that good.
Regular customers at Knotwilg noticed we don't stock heaps of hills anymore. Partly for one of the reasons stated above, but honestly: also a tad disappointed in promoting releases where in the end you get a lot of ephemeral 'likes’ not in lign with actual support. Artistically, we want to focus more on our own label releases and invest more in organizing label-related events. By the time you read this the Triple Negative cassette should be out. Early 2023 should bring the launch of a new K-Group LP. As a label farmer I am currently wrestling and editing like a fool on that Saule LP which i absolutely want to finish. We will most probably release some more cassettes, maybe even drop a wild 7". Who knows what enters the headquarters these days.
Thanks so much for all the support, all of you. See you all around. Preferable in one piece and full of energy towards an exciting 2023. Knotwilg Division will do their uttermost to fill in those gaps where needed. Simply because this is where we believe in.


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