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U. Schütte I Unkugel 7"

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Extremely happy to announce new vinyl on Knotwilg. Been a while since we have done a 7" but here it is. First one in a series of singles to come in a custom Knotwilg sleeve.

U. Schütte has the honour to open the series wide open. Doesn't ring a bell? Ok then: he's a half of Phantom Horse, plays in Datashock and released some wonderful analog electronics as Alien Radio.

Two tracks of wonderful modular synths. Pulsating and unctuous at the same time. It really takes electronics into an emotional field far away into a galaxy of tunes where the electronic branch of Krautrock lost their marbles. The sounds are deep, almost blasting out speakers from their cabinet. No surprise really if you know Jürgen De Blonde mastered the thingy.

Edition of 150 copies and yep, we do stick with black vinyl.

Artwork by the mighty Harrisson.



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