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Winter Sales & Postage


So 2022 really got started. Time to burp away that food and drinks with our wintersales. 15% discount on all orders over 50 euro.

Use code/coupon KNOT22 at check-out. Coupon is valid upto January 31, 2022.


Regarding postage a new year hardly brings good news. To some countries prices have risen., other remained more or less the same. So i looked upon another option. From now on all parcels will be tracked only except if total weight is below 230 gram (say weight of maximum 2 tapes/singles or cd's).

In general for all countries it means when you buy one lp for instance you could add a lot more for the same price. For some European countries even a lot more.

If by any chance your country isn't providing a shipping do let us know. Glad to help out.


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