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A Band Called Life I s/t 7"

A Band Called Life I s/t 7"


Summer Sale 2024

A Band Called Life


Albert's Basement


  • Specs

    Sound poetry touching a lo-fi postpunk Messthetics style reminiscent of John Cooper Clarke, Mark Perry with slices of Throbbing Gristle but in a way more punk they ever were:)

    Abc Life formed in Melbourne 2003 by Adam Best and Karl von Bamberger(of Horse Mania and Hammering The Cramps), recorded first album that year, played a gig. For separate reasons both had to return in 2004 to Tasmania where they originally harkened from. Had one more band practice in Tassie in 2004 which this EP is the outcome and then broke up to pursue nothing. Got back together in 2009 to release and promote the first record, happily together ever since.

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