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Altaat - Euter  I  Split LP

Altaat - Euter I Split LP






  • Specs

    Numbered edition of 102 copies.

    ALTAAT: Palava palaava
    M.B., J.K., N.K. / 2014-09-27 Helsinki

    EUTER: Slowly Underwater / Magnetic Mammals

    Mastered by Pentti Dassum.
    Sleeve printed by Letterpress House, Turku
    Layout & art by Sakari Männistö


    Altaat is a Finnish duo by Niko Karlsson & Miki Brunou, that has been active since 2011. On this album they are playing with Jari Koho, who is known from his own solo projects, and also from Vapaa, Keijo & The Free Players, Aan, Uton etc. Their track "Palava palaava" was recorded in 2014 - and now finally released on Altaat's first vinyl release. 20 minute long improvised track, with bowed strings & droney synths, melting in a cosmic mind.

    Euter is a mysterious duo, and these two tracks are from their
    recordings from 2019-2020. Experimental psychedelic noise - droning, crackling and rumbling from various sound sources. Strange encounters with a charm & carefully composed.

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