Altaat I Maa On Täysi Cass.

Altaat I Maa On Täysi Cass.



Maa On Täysi

Musik Atlach


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    More documented proof of some of the best executioned drones i heard in a while.  A bit softer then their A Giant Fern cassette reaching out to the lp released last year on Ikuisius.  A cheap alternative for your yoga-meditations.  And way better for your bones:)

    Beautiful sounds of the abyss of the night from Finland. A meditative yet feral set of duo exchanges from the moldy basements of coastal southern Finland. Four tracks of moonlit drones by Miki Brunou and Niko Karlsson, with synth and guitar drawing slowly moving rings around each other, rising and falling in devotion and longing. Subtle gestures condense and expand in turn, forming columns of sound with one end always deep in the subterranean oil-fumed atmospheres and the other on the far side of a shining heavy sky. Two sides of private rituals, prayers and curses performed away from prying eyes, yet searching for the very center.