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Alternative TV  I  Walls Lathe 7"

Alternative TV I Walls Lathe 7"


Alternative TV

Walls / Hollow Stream

Independent Woman Records


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    Now how is that for a stunt. Alternative TV being one of the most influential outfits in my personal live as a 15 year old. Together with The Fall they were making my eyebrows rise like "wtf is this?". Especially their take on pnk and adding other styles definitely formed me. During the 80's I lost track and my attention deferred, but their debut singles, solo outings and collaborations still are bookmarks. After all: I guess no Shadow Ring without that Mark Perry solo lp. So. These 2 tracks to my surprise simply pick up where they left in 1980-81 or so. Kind of lullabies with toy tins, homemade percussion, cheapo synths. So distinctable ATV but still very 2020 as well. It's a lathe cut ltd to 100 copies. They don't come cheap, as lathes do whatsoever, but believe me: you are in for a treat.

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