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Anla Courtis  I  Magnesium Tales Lathe Cut LP

Anla Courtis I Magnesium Tales Lathe Cut LP


Anla Courtis

Magnesium Tales


Lathe Cut LP

  • Specs

    very glad to get hold of these Pseudoarcana lathes.  Obviously not many around.  

    "Formal yet playful 'Magnesium Tales' is the latest from Reynols stalwart Anla Courtis.Side A features 2 long tracks exploring of the sound sources as titled. 'Tale 1 M Strings' is a drone piece constructed from violin and other bowed instruments and 'Tale 2 M Metals' is a largely percussive piece for found metal.'Tale 3 El Hircino', which takes up all of Side B is a roaring thrill inducing drone exploration of the electric guitar and amplification.As with all of Anlas projects a sense of dadaesque joy exudes from the tracks giving the serious exploratory nature of the release a dayglo exuberance.  Limited edition of 30 copies lathe cut LP"

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