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Anthony Guerra I Cold Victory Cass.

Anthony Guerra I Cold Victory Cass.


Anthony Guerra

Cold Victory

C/Site Recordings


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    Anthony Guerra hails from Sydney, Australia and has a long history of creating unique songs and sounds. Over the last 20+ years Guerra has produced a great variety of work as a solo artist, frequent collaborator and with bands such as Love Chants, Mysteries Of Love (lp in stock), Paper Wings and Vodka Sparrows. On this release Guerra taps into the full range of his musical history to weave together a wide range of styles; from abstract tabletop noise, to delicate slow picked guitar work, to fragile vocals and mystifying psychedelic entries. Cold Victory - Kingdoms III consists of new recordings of both long standing but never recorded/released tunes and brand new sonic experimentations brought together seamlessly to create and all encompassing musical experience.

    Limited to 75 copies.

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