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Arv & Miljo I Ensam Är Nattens Rymd Över Vita Vägar LP

Arv & Miljo I Ensam Är Nattens Rymd Över Vita Vägar LP


Arv & Miljo

Ensam Är Nattens Rymd Över Vita Vägar LP

Discreet Music


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    The third part in Arv & Miljös seasonal ambient tetralogy, following up Himmelsvind (Discreet Music, 2020) and Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid (Omlott Records, 2018). The 11 segments on Ensam Är Nattens Rymd are inspired just as much by the memories of long and cold childhood winters that never seemed to end as it is by walking home on slushy Gothenburg streets in the middle of December. Based more on rudimentary back-to-basics analouge 4-track tactics, the lush and shimmering ambience from Himmelsvind is replaced with a slow-moving, monotonous and grittier variation on the same formula and the sound is somewhat reminiscent of how the world sounds like from inside a snow cave. Tape murk, jarring discordance and ice cold droning aside, much is still similar to its two slightly lighter predecessors, taking severe cues from 80's new age cassette culture and what not. Featuring guest appearances by Helen Johnstone (The Garbage & The Flowers) and P Wits. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Gatefold sleeve.

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    Decembre 18

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