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Ashtray Navigations I Heavy Invertebrates LP

Ashtray Navigations I Heavy Invertebrates LP


Ashtray Navigations

Heavy Invertebrates

Self Released


  • Specs

    One of the reasons i like doing the shop is to be able to present exclusive things i dig a lot.  Such as this one: ltd to 99 copies (yep, vinyl: no lathes) if you please.  Hence the price.

    Being a longtime fan it always surprises me how a distinct quality form so called 'veterans' keep a positive evolution in their work.  This lp has a bit more electronic vibe to other AN outings but it remains a typical experimental vibe which goes deep.  Joyful synths, hints of psych, bingo halls and krautrock.  Accelerating climaxes and chilling ambient structures.  Comes highly recommended. In fact: once you got one record, you need more.

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