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Avvitagalli I None Corsa LP

Avvitagalli I None Corsa LP

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Summer Sale 2024


None Corsa

Horn Of Plenty


  • Specs

    Debut vinyl outing for Valentina Magaletti and Pino Montecalvo’s Avvitagalli project.

    Variegated percussion + WTF jams inspired by a visit to an abandoned, torched palazzo somewhere in southern Europe. Its charred, decaying splendour casts a fitting backdrop to the surreal push-pull of Valentina & Pino’s aural capers. None Corsa explores presence and absence, purpose and chance, and the tension between serenity and disquiet. Composing and decomposing, grabbing at modern composition, jazz, dub and post punk along the way.

    None Corsa is presented on black vinyl with a full colour cover and a striking 24 page booklet featuring photography by Adele Di Nunzio.

    Produced by Valentina Magaletti
    Mixed by Cathy Lucas
    Design & layout by Karolina Kołodziej

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    29 april

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