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Aymeric De Tapol I Lost In The Shell LP

Aymeric De Tapol I Lost In The Shell LP


Aymeric De Tapol

Lost In The Shell



  • Specs

    A scrunchy journey throughout the globe.  Feeding within vocal, samples, drum machines and tribal grooves.  To be bombed with grumpy melancholy and barbecued with a hellfire of open ears. Melting combat gear included.
    Edition of 200: incl downloadcode

    Aymeric De Tapol has become a typical European melting plot with big slices of Belgian surrealism of styles throughout the years. Previous releases on Vlek, Angstrom displayed a love of dark electronics mingled with field recordings and ambient soundscapes with hints towards a heavy bass dancefloor.  The joyful 7" on Lexi Disques suddenly shook up the world into a bright place. 'Lost In The Shell' is a natural evolution within the exploration of sound, polyrhythm, dub, electronics, beats and vocal studies.  A cartoonesque take on experimental pop quoi.

    Shipping: early owl orders July 9, others August 15


  • Shipping Date

    Early owl orders: July 9

    Others: August 9

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