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Bathouse I Bathouse LP

Bathouse I Bathouse LP




Happiest Place


  • Specs


    As the original pressing is sold out since a couple of months - we're doing it again!
    The wonderful sounds of Bathouse are once again available - this time 300 copies on red vinyl.


    Did you say Bath-House?", was the initial response when I proudly announced to a Norman-troglodyte about the newest, ear blastingest, front-over-sideways puke-a-thon noise-rocking trio Bathouse from Malmö (Swe).

    With members and collaborators from the city's most note-worthy musical ventures today - from Mary Anne's Polar Rig, Smiling, War In Youth, Boiling Point or wathever - Denise, Jesper & Philip have together tapped in to music of the past - in their own, new way!

    "Bathouse" is the band's first full-length album.

    For fans of : The Hospitals, Brainbombs, Tyvek or a popped out Harry Pussy!

  • Shipping Date

    Septembre 7

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