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Bergur Anderson I Night Time Transmissions LP

Bergur Anderson I Night Time Transmissions LP


Bergur Anderson

Night Time Transmissions

Futura Resistenza


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    Welcome to the world of Night Time Transmissions -- here/hear the anxious calls of sleepless tenants, interdisciplinary collaborations, night walks, urgent canons and chants of cosmic healing. Bergur Anderson's first album is an ode to the voice, and a deep dive into the rich waters of polyphony and polyphonic storytelling.


    Edition of 150 copies

    Bergur Anderson as The Troubadour & Composer
    Vera Mennens as The Architect
    Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir as The Soloist & Night Time Healar
    Gunnar Gunnsteinsson as The Janitor
    Katrina Niebergal, Clara J:son Borg, Mylan Hoezen, Vera Mennens, Linus Bonduelle, Manon Verkooyen & Marloes de Vries as The Tenants & Flock, The Midnight Choir

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