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Blair Parkes I Too Much Is More Then Enough Cass.

Blair Parkes I Too Much Is More Then Enough Cass.


Blair Parkes

Too Much Is More Then Enough

Independent Woman



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    Lo-fi is back and how!!!  True bedroomrock from NZ.  4 track twiddlings bringing back the memories of Boyracer, Simon Joyner, Will Simmons or even Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.  Quite some gems to be found on these, apparantly lost, recordings from 1994-95.  Edition of 20

    "In 1994 / 95 I was a full-time student and later a part time library worker.Recording this stuff was way more fun.I had a cheap audio technica mic.and three tracks left on my Fostex X15. My drums sat in the corner of the lounge in front of the stereo. The Fostex was on a stool beside me, the mic out front. I taped the drums then wrote songs over the top.My amp lived in town at the practice room, so these were done with an acoustic guitar and a semi- acoustic bass in front of the mic. There’s some casiotone, tv and drum machines. At some point I got a digital delay and moved up to four tracks. I got more gain recording through my Hot Cake, so that’s a big part of the way things sound.I had no memory of this tape until Independent Woman Records asked if they could release it.It’s bombastic and noisy, rough and loose with a tape saturated sound.I hope you enjoy it.Blair Parkes New Brighton February 2021

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