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Blank Realm I Holy Gasp Cass.

Blank Realm I Holy Gasp Cass.


Blank Realm

Holy Gasp

Breakdance The Dawn


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    An early live recording of Brisbane alternative band, Blank Realm. More improvised sections, loose psychedelia. - On a recent trip to Australia Brisbane’s Blank Realm were the best live group we managed to catch. Featuring two brothers and a sister from the same family, they somehow channeled the Australasian punk/pop sound of The Go Betweens and the Flying Nun roster with fucked up F/X and electronics, a drone rock stance that was somewhere between Simply Saucer and Cul De Sac and a totally infectious teenage energy. Their recent LP on Not Not Fun was one of the highlights of that label’s recent form and this new album on Matt Earle’s Breakdance The Dawn makes for a swell companion. Even murkier than the NNF LP, Holy Gasp mainlines traveling riffs, warped boy/girl vocals, classic Lou Reed-styled ostrich guitar and Xpressway fidelity into a set of songs and sonic environments that have a hazy psychedelic appeal.

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