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Bluetung I Room Tone Paintings Cass.

Bluetung I Room Tone Paintings Cass.


Summer Sale 2024


Room Tone Paintings

Altered States Tapes


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    i really couldn't add anything more to the bio.  Exactly as described. Great!!!

    Bluetung is the alias of Melbourne-based Mitchell Reynolds. Room Tone Paintings follows a (fittingly) more club-driven split tape last year for Club Moss and a more kosmiche-leaning album for Melbourne’s jpeg artefacts. At first thought, Bluetung’s production was slightly more hi-fi than I would generally traipse toward in my regular ambient-wanderings. However, it quickly became clear that Reynolds’ approach and its living, breathing result is comfortably-situated in the lush glade first seeded by the likes of Manuel Göttsching, Eno/Harold Budd, Cluster et al. This is a world that I’m more than comfortable to spend my time in and hope that others are able to equally enjoy its complicated beauty.

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