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Bobby Would I Styx Cass.

Bobby Would I Styx Cass.


Bobby Would


Kashual Plastik


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    Messing around with Greek gods can be dangerous. It might cause curses far beyond the physics. Bobby Would choose “STYX” as the title of his latest album. It links to a swampy zone in Greek mythology, where STYX is a heavenliness, and a river, that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. Bobby Would says, “Time is only currency”. STYX is the place, where no currency exists. It absorbs all living, while creating new. Bobby Would, whose emotive Low Company releases distributed unfussy, magnetic, yet melodic serenades, that injected lo-fi guitar pop new drama orbs, created two 13-minute-long tape sides under the “STYX” guidance, that work against time while creating some. Like a lullaby, that loops in your dreams forever, each side features short, yet endless songs, stranded in a zone, where light and darkness form a bizarre union, that glooms eternally. Driven by guitar melodies of delicate beauty, that drift fluently from silky weeping pop to otherworldly psychedelics, he croons monotone poetry, that floats river-like into the unconscious of its receiver, just to create a muddy zone for new utopias. A short new vital sign full of miraculous powers by the Vienna based artist, that welcomes all into a twilight zone of drone punk, garage wave, velvet surf-riffs, and all that dusty rock ‘n’ roll fuzz. Ferryman netherworld music, made for those need the curse of a new mythological sign.

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