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Brunnen  I  The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams LP

Brunnen I The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams LP


Summer Sale 2024


The Garden Of Perpetual Dawns

A Colourful Storm


  • Specs

    Originally conceived in 1989 and released in a short run of cassettes two years later, The Garden of Perpetual Dreams, Kinkelaar’s oneiric, singular wonderland is revisited, reworked and re-visioned as a new sail across the skies. A richly evocative, densely imagined universe of the uncanny and sublime; a place haunted by innocence and composed of fragments of dreams. Giant teacups, shadows in the trees... wandering and wondering in enclaves where you were sure you had just been. Charming yet unsettling, it's a place whose fragile beauty and fatal savagery greets your fall down the rabbit hole.

    Produced with Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots and mastered by Steeg and Peter Van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando, De Fabriek, The Use Of Ashes), the 2019 recording of The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams is a story recounted by a visionary narrator, masterful raconteur and everlasting beacon of the Dutch underground.


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