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C.I.A. Debutante I Pier 7"

C.I.A. Debutante I Pier 7"


C.I.A. Debutante


SDZ Records


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    Fckng brilliant slab of vinyl.  Three tracks.  Kind of an electronic variant of Dead C mixed with Shadow Ring and Door And The Window as topping of an icecream.  Hifi Messthetics!!! Ltd to 200 copies worldwide.  Classics are born of these things.

    Almost four years after their famous double K7 "We will play for spirits" on Crudités Tapes, the CIA Debutante duo - formed by Paul Bonnet (Disposition Matrix) and Nathan Roche (Le Villejuif Underground) - joins SDZ, the mother company, for a 45 rpm single.

    There is a building over there, it makes a right angle. I watch it from my place, I watch it from your place, I watch it from theirs. CIA Debutante has been cultivating its brain fog for years, stashing away in places that consistently experience connectivity issues. Grey humor as a basis for life and the therapy of homemade electronic chaos, the nature of which is yet to be determined, as a reflective blanket. In this techno-cocoon like no other woven by Paul, Nathan develops thoughts-counter-brains, his lobes are like pet iguanas surfing on the essential vibrations of the useless. The images are there, those of countless extremophilic organisms, fractured cosmic debris, the ocean floor cracking, the international station stalling and a general instability that spreads tirelessly like the devil's worm in the oldest gold mines. Perpetually reachable on a number that doesn't exist yet, the duo is once again working wonders with stellar musical foam, the kind you can only do by risking losing everything, right away.

    Rendez-vous in the sky, rendez-vous on your turntable, on the theme "sorrows of life / joys of art". 

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