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Circle Bros I Waves - Peaks 10"

Circle Bros I Waves - Peaks 10"


Circle Bros

Waves - Peaks



  • Specs

    When I started Vrystaete Circle Bros was one of the names on my shortlist. There are various reasons why it took so long to realize a record together… but here we are… and this is how I imagined it and what I had hoped for…

    Circles Bros is Wim Lecluyse. Belgium, West-Vlaanderen but living in Hent.   He has been making and releasing his music since 2002… amongst others on his excellent Morc Records label.  With his music Circle Bros is submerging you with hypnotic lo-fi ambient and drone music with a folklorish feeling and a psychedelic touch… His work has been shifting from more song based to ambient like pieces… or a perfect blending of that…

    “Waves/Peaks” came into existence when Circles Bros sent me a proposal for an album… but instead of releasing the complete album I proposed to make a record out of the two long mersmerizing tracks which were part of the selection he sent me… when in the dialogue about this the working title of one of these tracks turned out to be “Vrystaete” I knew for sure this was the right way for a Circle Bros record on Vrystaete…

    These two long tracks with a minimal structure are created with minimal means and minimal post-production… the tracks evolved out of shorter pieces and are “stretched” creating this dreamy and otherworldly vibe… This is music to sit back to and get into and let it come over you and flow with it… Music to experience and not talk about to much…

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