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CJA I  Ōtākou Cass.

CJA I Ōtākou Cass.




C/Site Recordings


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    Near the end of 2020 Clayton Noone, AKA CJA, lost his dear friend and Strange Girls collaborator Kāterama "Motty" Morehu. “Ōtākou” is a dedication to the late New Zealand musician. Composed of two songs written by Motty and one co-written by CJA and Motty, the tape was recorded on the 26th of February 2021, “sitting on the rocks staring at the sea out at Ōtākou, Dunedin.” All three tracks are played simply and powerfully with acoustic guitar, voice and the sounds of the seashore; beautifully interpreted, as only an old friend and bandmate can do. CJA has a long history in the New Zealand underground with projects including Armpit, Futurians, Claypipe, Wolfskull and running the Root Lon Donnie For Cash label.

    Limited edition of 60 copies.

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