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Club Sound Witches I Steep St Cass.

Club Sound Witches I Steep St Cass.


Club Sound Witches

Steep St



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    Club Sound Witches is an Australian outfit bursting out music the last couple of years regular as a clock. (See also the prolific Breakdance The Dawn label).  The equivalent of Mosquitoes in a techno matter if you want. That is: if you take their deconstructivism of rock into a techno level. It's like bubbling into a 16rpm minus 8 Chain Reaction party.  A haze of vocals buried deep in wavering fields of electronics with a beat which is obliterated completely into a kind of ambient-drone but way to sharp to keep it safe for purists.  But if you take a cocktail blender of Mosquitoes, YL Hooi, Oval, Soft Power and Suburban Cracked Collective you might have a clue where this endless journey is heading. 

    Edition of 80 copies.  Includes DL-code

  • Shipping Date

    June 3, 2021

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