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Triple Negative I Return Of The Living Dirt Cass.

Triple Negative I Return Of The Living Dirt Cass.


Triple Negative

Return Of The Living Dirt



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    Since the  Lathe Cut on Swallowing Helmets  sold out within hours and that record is so good we decided to reiisue this on cassette to spread its soundwings wide open.

    This new sound expedition by Triple Negative is everything you  wish from music.   A fully controlled journey through musical history with not only gentle nods to Dead C/CJA/Shadow Ring and the whole of Xpressway family.  But indeed also references going as far back as 'Sister Ray' or even tribal Moondog rhythms sounding like Valentina Magaletti percussion. Topped with contemporary lo-fi compositions such as Amateur Hour/Midnight Mines/Mapura Music making it as essential as a 8.8cm Flak in wartime, Worth every euro or more for every second of sound brilliance .  

    Including dl-code

    Artwork by Jonas Meier

    Edition of 70.



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