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Cosmic Drag I BO Cass.

Cosmic Drag I BO Cass.


Summer Sale 2024

Cosmic Drag


Stoned To Death


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    I'm on a jet ski. The river I'm on is dirty. Not like it was clean before, but there was some rain up north and now the mud got in the stream. Bunch of birds are hanging out on the piece of driftwood. The splash of dirty water from jet ski disturbs them from their limbo. They fly away, they squeal with displeasure. This river is all mine. Rain starts pouring. Jet ski is on full speed now, spitting the brown mud water out. Sound of a collapsing engine brings the jet ski to a sudden halt. Hit the start button. It's not helping. It won't start. I'm taken by the river stream. I look at the shore and I see my cooler box. I'm drifting away.

    (In 2021 I got heavily caught up on Chemical Imbalance production. In the fall of 2021 they had a really heavy streak of three killer releases in row - Gary the Farmer, Judgedreadlock and debut recording from Cosmic Drag. I did enjoy the hell out of these three albums. Not long after that i have received an email from Timothy from Cosmis Drag with a soundcloud link to their newest recording which was very warm and welcomed surprise. Can I be interested in putting this out? Well, this was no brainer for me and after he suggested that he would like to get the cover art done by our in-house artist Kateřina Miturová, I knew we are on the same boat.

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