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Domotic I Descriptions Of An Unfolding Event LP

Domotic I Descriptions Of An Unfolding Event LP



Descriptions Of An Unfolding Event



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    Domotic is what we can call a glitch-veteran.  But where others turn into oblivion (or for that matter basically towards art-galleries instead of music-stages), he continues in delivering superb warm tones.  Under and overtones for that matter.  It is no coincidence most electronic producers (read laptop performers from the early 2000's) whom still keep their standard high originally started of from classical soundwriting instead of classical sound-gluing. 

    Stéphane Laporte is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger but also sound engineer and producer.

    He has set up for himself a small solo musical garden, Domotic, which he has been working on since 2002.

    There, one come across the chiselled pop of the Beatles, psychedelic rock, Old School Ambient, the glorious electronica of the 90s, the eccentricities of "library music" and the rigor of minimalism.

    File under : imaginary soundtrack

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