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Driftmachine I Spume & Recollection LP

Driftmachine I Spume & Recollection LP


Summer Sale 2024


Spume & Recollection

Umor Rex


  • Specs

    Post-industrial-minimal-dub-techno from Andreas Gerth and Florian Zimmer.  Rings all kind of bell's such as Thomas Brinkman, Jan Jelinek, Chain Reaction or even early Monoton.  Check their previous 'Shunter' LP as well.  This is by far not clinical, or cynical.  Warm electronics for sunny days.  Play loud on a highway.

    Second pressing: black vinyl (yippy yay!!!!)

    When Andreas Gerth and Florian Zimmer come up with new material, one listens with high expectation. Looking back on their discography, one could safely anticipate a high quality album, densely layered with their familiar leitmotifs. And yet, "Spume & Recollection" takes us by surprise and finds a new way to transfix. Fresh methods and ideas are introduced to their dynamics and formula. Yes, of course, you can still expect a healthy dose of kosmische, which is one of the dominant features in Driftmachine’s DNA; but this is now entwined with novel materials, semi-material patterns of alien code stretching over exhilaratingly tense and detailed grooves, clouds of gas shifting on top of deep dub architecture and blocking out the sun for prismatic effect. Even more of a surprise is the immediate, streamlined nature of these tracks, making Spume & Recollection their most accessible record and, perhaps, the most addictive (and this without sacrificing the essential mystery and strangeness at the core of Driftmachine’s sound).

    We have previously described their work as post-industrial-dub; right now, we might just call it hypno-music for man and machine to dance and dream together. Spume & Recollection takes this concept as far as it can go without breaking, and finds some strange new feelings, and weirdly danceable grooves, to shed some light on this dark and dazzling ride. 

  • Shipping Date

    March 16

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