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Drop Zone I Two Things 7" Lathe

Drop Zone I Two Things 7" Lathe


Drop Zone

Two Things

Independent Woman

7" Lathe Cut

  • Specs

    This release competes with  CIA Debutante's 7" as one of the best singles of the year so far.  A delicate take on post-electronics which touches the postpunk of Fabulous Diamonds backed with Durian Brothers oriented percussions.  Lush vocals complete the picture.  Comes highly recommended.  Only have a few. Edition of 30 copies

    éDrop Zone's second release is a single, and is kind of weirder than the first album.Each side a song about an event and person important to the band. 'Tiny Towel' laments the death of our friend Motty, a wonderful person, epic guitarist, and member of bands like the Ho'dogs and the Strange Girls. 'On the Phone' is about a brutal friendship schism.

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