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EC Band I The EC Band LP

EC Band I The EC Band LP


EC Band

The EC Band



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    The EC Band is a collaboration between American Brussels-based painter, former grindcore singer and musician Luke Calzonetti and Belgian visual artist, performer and percussionist Stijn Wybouw (Kramp). Their first EC Band outing sees them conjure up four transcendent tracks driven by improvisation. The instruments used and the way the EC Band naturally and fluidly edit their musical output, make for flickers of musical mirages, infusing everything with a sense of space and abstraction. On the edge of what is recognisable emotion and perspective, Calzonetti and Wybouw are soft-spoken yet confrontational. Their music marries the mundane with a stance of understanding and the profound. As musical information fades in and out of focus and a sense of belonging resists clear grasp, The EC Band touches upon the ethereal, with abstract focus.

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