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Eve Adams I In Hell LP

Eve Adams I In Hell LP


Eve Adams

In Hell

Soft Office (Bergpolder)


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    Desolate but oh so intimate ethereal female songbased tracks.  Not a dull song.  For those punters loving Maxine Funke, Anna Savage or even Mazzy Star (early days).  

    Eve Adams makes ‘American music’ inspired by a bygone era. A personal and intimate take on 50’s popular music styles: blues, r&b, folk and soul. Arrangements are sparse: a guitar, some keys, minimalist percussion and her vocals. With just these elements Adams conjures a brooding world of dark romance. Crucial is the sophisticated production work of Military Genius with the use of effects like reverb, tremolo and distortion to create tension, a feeling of space and dynamics. On ‘Heavens Knows’ slow creeping underwater effects bubble just under and above the surface, on ‘On the Street in America’ echoey, industrial sounding drones fade in and out of the mix. It’s subtle layers like these that enhance the qualities of the already captivating compositions. And then there is Adams’s voice, which can sound old and creaky on one hand and warm and innocent on the other. It’s an understated but mesmerizing performance that carries the album, accompanied by the clever arrangements and production work. The songs never overstay their welcome, the strong atmosphere sucks you in immediately. 

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