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Fanz  I  Heruka Lathe Cut 10"

Fanz I Heruka Lathe Cut 10"


Summer Sale 2024




Lathe Cut 10"

  • Specs

    More raucous high energy electro-kult insanity from Wellingtons FANZ.
    'Heruka' dates from the bands very first recording sessions in early 2014 and finds them hitting the street running. Sparks fly and the hallucinatory nature of their snake charming chants fill ones skull with a glorious day-glo cotton wool.
    Space age feral punk with an electronic twist.  A bit like The Futurians quoi
    Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Nelson-Moores on vocals and electronics.  Edition of 50 copies
    Antony Milton on drums.

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