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Fernand Schirren I Dimanche - Masques - Cartoon Circus LP

Fernand Schirren I Dimanche - Masques - Cartoon Circus LP


Fernand Schirren

Dimanche / Masques / Cartoon Circus

Futura Resistenza


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    Avant-garde and electro-acoustic are words which frightens some people.  In this case it is a most enjoyable trip, and of historical importance as well.  You can read about this legend in the bio below. Seeing these films (most of the pieces are soundtracks) of course have their relevance and add to the beauty of it.  But it stands a solitude listening as well. Dimanche and Masques dig deep into an almost dark ambient piece with surprising sounds, and at times scary ambiance.  Bit in Arv & Miljo direction or what Matthieu Serruys does from time to time.  The two cartoon tracks lighten up things as cartoons should do.  To me it sounds like a mouth harp trying to fill in the gap between Henry Flynt and early Mickey Mouse. Addictive stuff.

    ltd to 150 copies

    Fernand Schirren was an exceptional musician and composer, rhythm teacher to Bejart and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, silent film accompanist of the Brussels Musee du cinema (now CINEMATEK) from its founding in 1962 until the 1980s, and eccentric collector of pipes and romantic postcards. He chose anything but a traditional historical-oriented approach, and left his avant-garde stamp on the film, dance and music worlds at home and abroad. This compilation gathers never before published works that Schirren specially composed for the short films 'Dimanche' by Edmond Bernhard in 1963, 'Masques' by Jean-Marie Buchet and Marc Lobet in 1959, and Cartoon Circus by Benoit Lamy and Picha in 1972. Some of the most intense and curious soundtracks cinema ever gave us.

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