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Feu Robertson  I  Overshoot and Collapse LP

Feu Robertson I Overshoot and Collapse LP

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Feu Robertson

Overshoot and Collapse

Partycul System


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    Following a stream of releases this is their final warp before going on towards new projects.  And boy, what a marvelous slash of vinyl. And a gigantique step forward from previous releases.  Distinctive intimate with lots of optimism in a very spontaneous way. Recorded in a couple of hours but it doesn't feel improvised at all.  Mostly instrumental drifting in a VU/Feelies/Galaxie 500/Kiilla atmosphere.  Carefully selected tracks sequenced in an ideal way to make it one of these coherent enjoyable guitaralbums you come back to in whatever season you prefer.  Champagnerock with goodies indeed.  Lovely summermusic never tasted this sweet.  (FREE partycul system CD added with each purchase of this LP!)

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