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Florence Cats I Correspondances Cass.

Florence Cats I Correspondances Cass.


Florence Cats




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    Makes me happy to see fresh sounds popping up.  As with all releases from the Brussels based cassette label it is welcomed with open arms. This cassette is a project of Florence Cats interaction with a bunch of artists resulting in a wide range of styles going from French Chanson, to electronica, field recording, medieval folk and intimate structures.  It is not a compilation as such, but a careful worked out project resulting in a highly enjoyable album.  Artists included are Dominik Bernadz, JF Magre, David Neaud, Bogdana Dima, Stéphane Torré-Trueba, Julie Normal, Lièvres & Serpents, Dune, Amarante-Cerisier, Jonathan Burgun, Alle Dicu, Antoine Herran, Odysseas Yannikouris, Eric Camara, Brandon LaBelle, Los Pajaros de Escalada

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