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Fulmars &  Hypnotic Sleep I Autumn Glory7"

Fulmars & Hypnotic Sleep I Autumn Glory7"


Fulmars & Hypnotic Sleep

Autumn Glory

Kashual Plastik


  • Shipping Date

    Octobre 22

  • Specs

    back in stock around octobre 21-22

     a split single which revitalises pop as we like it.  Rougher edges all around from Hypnotic Sleep whom records his lullabies and lovesongs deep in a red VU meter. in this solo outing.  He is also member of Fulmars which is basically his more bandorientated outcome.  Those whom remember the Fulmars tracks on the compilations 'Labyrinth' and 'What Lies Beneath'  will immediatelly recognize those tracks did stand out.  Think Velvet Underground, but personally it did remind me to those beautiful indietracks of Unrest (but Imperial period) or even early Smog (say Sewn to the sky period).  Singalong songs with enough edge to keep it in front of your 7" shelf.  One of those treasures you will be returning more then often to enjoy it.  Top platter this is.

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