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Fusiller I Le Monde Supérieur LP

Fusiller I Le Monde Supérieur LP

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Le Monde Supérieur

Doubtful Sounds


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    Somewhere between a catholic service lead by Luigi Nono and noisefreaks.  Interpelling almost avant-garde structures smoothened down with organ lines to bless your soul.  Really digging this kind of journey.  Kind of forces you to actually put everything aside and concentrate to listen.  Glad to hear adventurous sounds aren't reserved for the happy few.  But then again, Doubtful Sounds always been a very reliable label. 

    Fusiller is the solo moniker of Jo from [Tanzprocesz] label. He's also half of Opéra Mort (with Èlg) and a third of Reine d'Angleterre (with Èlg and Ghédalia Tazartès).

    Fusiller does music with crafted electronic instruments of his own. His work is chirurgical, precise with everything under control. Nothing is unnecessary.

    From some underground world, I hear a debate within GRM pioneers.
    Pierre Scheaffer : " I like this succession of miniatures, it sounds like études, but it’s all electronic, such a shame"
    Bernard Parmegiani : "I wonder why I didn’t use this kind of voices in L’enfer ?"
    François Bayle : "Here is a composer"
    Luc Ferrari : "Oh, there is some kind of humour here !"
    Pierre Henry : " Well, I’ve done better work"

    Artwork by Fusiller
    Composed and mixed by Fusiller
    Mastered by Julien Louvet
    Cut by Fred Alstadt  

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