The Futurians  I  7"

The Futurians I 7"


The Futurians


I Dischi Del Barone


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    More or less this was the single for their (let's hope postponed and not cancelled) tour which would have brought them to Knotwilg Festival, Scandinavia, Switzerland and France. All hail again to IDBB description. I really can't add anthing to their description. Spot on lads. Full throttle avantgarde punk/sci-fi synth chaos, the two-suite 'Atuan' follows up the massive, monotonous blown-out blasts of the recent Programmed LP (Planam, 2018) and their short cut on the Porcelain Summer compilation 7". Much has been said about The Futurians, some of our favorite quotes are "the sound of gay robots disco dancing and crushing everything underfoot", "the remnants of space debris raining down on the green hills of New Zealand", "armed with nuclear weapons as sonic dust" and well, 'the best punk band on the fucken planet!".