Gad Whip  I  In A Room 12"EP

Gad Whip I In A Room 12"EP

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Gad Whip

In A Room



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    "The new EP of the British experimental band is once again wonderfully out of the frame with its largely uncomfortable, bulky sound, which proves, among other things, comparisons to The Fall, early Sleaford Mods or Swell Maps -- 12XU BLOG

    "Practitioners of rural angloid dark arts with acid tongued talk/sing vox, low end dominatrix scaffolding and scabrous guitar roosting, Gad Whip is yet another excellent find by the ever/never empire." - FUCKINRECORDREVIEWS

    "...a one-sided 12″ with a stately b-side etching of what I presume to be the Gad Whip family crest. I’m glad to have made their acquaintance, as these four tunes are highly enjoyable (and highly British) artsy post-punk." - YellowGreenRed