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Gate & Tom Carter I Split 7"

Gate & Tom Carter I Split 7"


Gate & Tom Carter


Carbon Records


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    For those who don't know, Gate is Michael Morley's (of The Dead C) solo project. His side is a mesmerizing track, consisting of distortion washed guitar over a slap-back drum machine rhythm track, with classic Morley slow-drawl vocals, ending with a super... super, low end rumble.

    Tom Carter, of the Charalambides, contributes a guitar (?) layered masterpiece. I can only assume its guitar, but at times it sounds like synth/keyboard, or even bagpipes. Seemingly random patterns, all fall into place to create a beautiful, melodic, textural drone composition.

    [Packaged in a 2-color silkscreened Stumptown press fold-together kraft sleeve. 3 different cover color variations Digital download coupon included. Random colored vinyl. Limited to 313 copies.]

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