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Goldscammer  I  Untitled Cass.

Goldscammer I Untitled Cass.




Self Released


  • Specs

    Every now and then a cassette pops up which immediately goes into repeat modus. So glad Goldscammer (half of Maan, remember those live-gigs?) picked up his guitar again.  A voyage taking you back to not only the past with a vibe reminiscent of Roy Montgomery/Dissolve/Dadamah, but also to current favorites Warm Currency/Treasury Of Puppies/Amateur Hour. Some religious-classical over (or under) tones tempering the delay pedals while the long closing track could have been on a Troth release.  But this is neither NZ/Aus or Sweden.  This is Belgium, and for sure one of the best tapes you will hear in 2022.

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