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Greg Boring I I Am Cass.

Greg Boring I I Am Cass.


Greg Boring

I Am

Breakdance The Dawn


  • Specs

    Another great set from this Brisbane underground music collective featuring Joel Stern (Sky Needle/Other Film), Sara Byrne (Stag/Sky Needle), Andrew McLellan and Ian McIntyre (6majik9). Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and F/X come together for a basement summit on the aesthetics of freedom as filtered through the kind of tonally wayward guitar work that would marry Monkey Pockie Boo to Flying Nun or even Org-style garage. The melodies are kinda nagged at or circuited more than ever explicitly stated and the instrumentals have a rolling, eternally unfolding style that really suits the primitive/progressive logic of the strings. Great avant/rock with an addictive, a-melodious edge.

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