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Greg Boring I s/t Cass.

Greg Boring I s/t Cass.


Greg Boring


Breakdance The Dawn


  • Specs

    greg boring take on their joy division, guaranteed likes. - New recordings from this Brisbane underground music collective featuring Joel Stern (Sky Needle/Other Film), Sara Byrne (Stag/Sky Needle), Andrew McLellan (Bitter Defeat) and Ian McIntyre (6majik9): Byrne's vocals are unmistakable, channelling free improvisatory smarts into post-Raincoats DIY pop while the group play a bizarre hybrid of Flying Nun style pop, weirdo ethno/invented instrument-style rhythmic chugging and early Rough Trade style stumble punk. Kinda like Sky Needle's garage pop cousin if you can imagine that. Either way, it sounds great

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