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Greymouth I Twilight Furl 7"

Greymouth I Twilight Furl 7"


Summer Sale 2024


Twilight Furl

Kashual Plastik


  • Shipping Date

    Octobre 22

  • Specs

    A nz affair from boths Mark's (Anderson and Sadgrove) displaying on one side that wonderful Xpressway songman craftship which is a sclose to Wreck Small Speakers as you can get.  On the flipside the duo starts with a Can groove worthy to be next to any Czukay/Liebeseit rhythmsection.  That track kills everything, but not including the final track which finishes off this glorious single with a tribute to Shadow Ring.  Well, sounds like this. Needless to say this comes highly recommended.    Ultra heavy rubber artwork so might be wiser to order these in conjunction with some other items to save on postage.

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