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Greymouth I Aerials In Summer Cass.

Greymouth I Aerials In Summer Cass.



Aerials In Summer

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    sometimes the bio says it all.  Simply because it is crystal clear and well written:)

    Greymouth is made up of two New Zealand expats, both named Mark, who have long made their home in Tokyo, and have quietly been churning out some of the most interesting homespun psychedelia of the last decade. “Aerials In Summer” picks up right where their previous “Telepathic Dunce” cassette (Careful Catalog, 2020) left off. Frantic and jarring beats, matched with broken and buzzing microamps and the sort of Kiwi drawl and banter to duel with any of your South Island favorites. Despite points of reference Greymouth carves out their own place in the legacy of New Zealand experimentalism; a wonderful blend of familiar and classic tropes and their very unique smashing and mashing of it all.

    Limited edition of 60 copies.

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